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The Dangers of Old Tree Stumps

Stumps are a difficult task to handle since they can be hazardous. They can cause accidents and diseases, especially during spring or fall. They are not something you want to see in your yard, especially if you are having a yard renovation. This is the reason for hiring a professional tree stump removal service. Experts will handle the task safely without causing damage to your landscape.

Here are the dangers of tree stumps:


Tree stumps can bring diseases. This is because they are a sickness magnet. They are high in moisture and can create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is best to get rid of tree stumps as soon as possible.


Tree stumps are dangerous due to their sharp edges and tall height. They are hard to spot and can cause accidents. You could get injured if you decide to cut the stumps yourself. This is the reason you should leave the stump removal to experts.


Tree stumps are infectious because they are a haven for insects and germs. These germs can be transferred to you and your family. If you have kids, then you should not let them play near the stumps. Make sure they are safe and keep them far from the stumps.

Attract Pests

Tree stumps can also attract pests. This is because they are the ideal place for them to breed. If you do not want to see pests in your yard, then get rid of your stumps as soon as possible.

If you want to get rid of your tree stumps, hire Brothers Tree Service and Landscaping as soon as possible. We are one of the trusted tree stump removal companies in Mason County, WA. If you need our help, you can call us at (360) 209-3990 to book our services. We will surely make sure you get nothing but the best outcome.

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