Our Complete Service List

We invite you to read this page. It contains details about our services. At Brothers Tree Service and Landscaping, we owe the success of our business mostly to repeat customers and referrals because we conduct our duties honestly and transparently. We have an excellent partnership with countless homeowners and businesses in Mason County, WA and the region, and we believe we can have a similar relationship with you as well.

Our Services Are

Tree Removal

At Brothers Tree Service and Landscaping, we can safely cut down and remove sick, hollow, and dead trees. Don’t tackle such tasks on your own because you can injure yourself or damage your nearby house or commercial building.

Landscape Design and Lawn Care

Professional Tree Removal ServiceCome to us with an idea, and we will develop it and execute it for you. We can create different types of landscapes and handle their maintenance. Also, we can mow and keep your lawn healthy and good looking.

General Spring Clean Up

We can assist you with your general spring clean up. We can clear fallen debris and other garbage from your open spaces, so they don’t tarnish the curb appeal of your property and its landscape. Our prices are reasonable and wallet-friendly.

Cleaning and Power Washing

Have us clean your gutters and remove moss from your roofing, so you don’t have to deal with blockages during rainy days. Also, we can power wash different outdoor features such as driveways, patios, walkways, metal roofs, and more.


Use our fencing services in Mason County, WA and have us install or repair your wood or wire fence. We can give you the privacy and security that you desire by building sturdy but stylish fencing around your home or workplace.


We can build different hardscape features such as patios, driveways, and walkways. We are adept at concrete pouring and smoothing, as well as various paving techniques. We use quality materials that can withstand the elements and add the perfect finishing touch to the overall appeal of your landscape.

Book one or several of our services by calling us at (360) 209-3990 now. We are ready to start new projects!

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