Our Custom Lawn Care Includes Safe Tree Removal

Are you taking care of all of the features on your landscape? If you want a healthy and thriving landscape, you have to handle the maintenance of each feature such as the lawn and the trees. But if you find it hard to manage the task all by yourself because of one reason or another, you can always book a custom lawn care service from a professional such as Brothers Tree Service and Landscaping. We can handle both the maintenance of your lawn and the safe removal of unwanted trees in your property in Mason County, WA.

Why Should You Remove Some Trees?

You can’t deny it. Trees are a beautiful addition regardless of whether or not you have a landscape on your property. But the moment they pose a risk to your household’s safety, you have to have the tree removed so you or the neighboring property won’t be at risk. Dead and weak trees could possibly collapse due to strong winds or storms and nobody would want a tree to collapse on their house. Moreover, if you’re planning to add new features to your landscape, you might need to remove some trees as well. But to avoid potential injuries and property damage, consider booking a custom lawn care service that includes the safe removal of trees.

We Can Remove Unwanted Trees, Too!

Our tree removal service prioritizes the trees that are posing a risk to your household and your property. We’ll make sure to arrive as quickly as we can so we can assess the condition of the tree and propose a solution right away before it’s too late. We’ll check if the tree has diseases or is decaying or if it’s leaning too close to your house. If we are to remove a tree to make way for a new landscape feature, we’ll determine the best direction to fell the tree, making sure that the path is clear so injuries and property damages will be prevented. We’ll use tried and tested processes to remove the tree as safe as possible. Choose and these unwanted trees will be removed for good.

Brothers Tree Service and Landscaping is a provider of custom lawn care services that includes the safe removal of unwanted trees. Do you have trees in your property in Mason County, WA that you want tp be rid of? Give us a call today at (360) 209-3990 so we can get started right away!

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